Day 1 – Setubal to Monte da Juliana

The rain started to stop yesterday, and I started to prepare the luggage.
This morning, before departure, I just panicked when tried to stack all the luggage on top of the scooter. The two big bags, plus the rolled carpet, the jerrycan and the Small Camelback bag were too much to put on a scooter and pretend to travel, at least, to Morocco.

I just assumed that I could not depart with this volume on top of that tiny scoot. So I decided that I should delay for another day. At least. After some consideration upon the problem, and a short conversation with my son Pedro, slowly I went down to ground level.
Pedro was not going to travel in those conditions, so he was calm and much more aware than I was.

I just decided to rearrange some of the bags. I couldn’t delay any further, or else, most probably, would never go. The camelback bag and other small stuff into inside the big cloth bag. Also I decided that something with volume should stay home, like the rolled carpet and the jerrycan. Later in the day, after giving it a lot of thought riding the scooter, I reached the conclution that to leave the jerrycan was not a very good decision. I had to find a solution for that. Only 200km per deposit of fuel is not enoght in southern Morocco or Mauritania.

So, finally I decided to go.

Moments before my departure to the South as photographed by my son Pedro.


Took my time, the day was sunny and I was delighted with each Km.
Had a quick snack at Alcacer do Sal, by the river

Alcacer do sal


Somewhere on the way I decided to stop at my father’s in law family house, they were there for the weekend. So, I would stop, say hello and spend the first night out at their house.

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