Day 19 – Chamin to Nouakchott

There is no Internet access in Africa:

Pictures are impossible to upload, because is too slow.

I was not able to see my email because is too slow to load.

It cost me 1 hour to write the two last Posts…

The keyboard is AZERTY….

And I’m being eaten alive by a horde of mosquitos….so I go to bed.

I have a bed with a cool mosquito net over it, just waiting for me 😉


  1. SENEGAL e depois GAMBIA ver a passarada..tá bom de ver.
    Boa viagem

  2. My Man!!!!!!!
    You are running like hell – 180Km day
    Are you fallowing the swallows or triing to left them behind?
    You’re really hungry for time…
    … running so fast you can miss the joy of your journey

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