Day 7 – Rabat

All day rained cats and dogs.
I woke up and prepared all my stuff to move for another cheaper hotel.
The day was planned to go to the Mauritania embassy and ask for a visa.
If I want to go really south, I must be prepared to go all the way, and this means Mauritania, which is the only country that demand a visa. And the only place where we can go and ask for a visa is in Rabat. In Lisbon, there is no Mauritania embassy, as far as I know.
When I arrived there the visa services were closed at 12h, they could not do nothing, only next day, but as they would need 24h to produce a visa, only the week after I could have the visa. But as Monday to Wednesday the embassy was closed for the holly holiday (see here) then I would be stuck in Rabat for a week. But, if I would pay the guard outside a “cafe” then he could try to do something.
I paid the visa plus the “cafe”, filled all forms, run for 2 photos and a photocopy of my passport, and the problem was solved. Like me there was a group of great people waiting for the same reason. The guard had a full business right in front of the doors of the embassy.
We in the group become very close. Very nice people.

The group on the other side of the walk are from Guiné-Bissau, and are in transit from Spain to Bissau. The tall guy on the right, was coming from Switzerland and is going to his home at Senegal.


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