Day 8 – Rabat

All day in the hotel in Rabat waiting for the rain to stop.
Also went to the Mauritania embassy to collect the visa. I went in a petit taxi, which are really “petit”, which collected several people during the trip. Price 15DM 1,5€.
When arrived was informed by the guard that the embassy was closed for a week due to the holly fest this weekend. My passport was inside and if he didn’t solve my problem than I would be stuck in Rabat for a whole week. I cried and told him how miserable I would be if there wasn’t a solution. He told me there was nothing he could do because the embassy was closed until Wednesday next week. I offered him a “cafe” and in half an hour he called his boss and found my passport, with the visa, inside the embassy. To offer a “cafe” seems to solve a lot of problems in Morocco. In the end we become great friends.
Back to the hotel, I spent the rest of the afternoon looking trough the window hoping that the rain will stop.

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  1. It was indeed a “cafe”?! Crazy….
    Nevertheless, never saw you cry…no!…. only once! remember?! 🙂

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