Driving a scooter in Morocco





  1. Hello my man!!!!!!!!!!
    I was thinking that the Fly had lost the wings…, but here you are again
    redy to run wild into the desert sands.

    How’s your flight???

    Is it getting better?… Or do you feel the same ?

    • Hello
      My wings will come back each time I find an access to the internet, which is starting to be difficult.
      And yes, I’m feeling better but we cannot run away from what we left in the North, if it is coming with us inside our head.
      And what we could try to find in the south is hiding in exactly in the same place.
      So, for that I would better stay at home, I think.
      I gave some thought about your comment, and what I really want to find is my lost time that I think I can find in this long, day by day, trip.
      I have lots of time to think as you can imagine.

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