Day 17 – Barbas to Nouadhibou


  1. Zarcos Palma

    Mande uma foto dos pescadores do Cabo Branco pendurados na falésias á pesca e do barco que esta lá encalhado..ok?

  2. Hello my friend!!!!
    I’m glad to see you are still flying!!!
    What kind of problems are you facing daily? The Fly`s engine is ok?

    You are about to cross Mauritânia – 3000 Km away from your North
    Are you missing it? Or the quest for the lost time is still above any other feeling…

  3. My Dear….
    Timing is passing by…and I really miss you…
    Counting the minutes to arrive to Dakar! …I’m so excited with the idea of ….seeing the city ….and You , my love!

  4. Zarcos Palma

    Eu suspeitava…
    Esta viagem tinha que ter romance e um fim cor de rosa..
    Boa viagem para os dois

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