My mean machine

I can tell you that this is the mean machine I have chosen to carry me south. I can tell you that this logo, my friends, belongs to the iconic, to blow your mind and making you cry…

Piaggio Fly 50cc sigh…

And why did I choose this hot wheels? That one it’s easy to answer. Because it’s the only one I had and it will be a challenge. And was also a gift from my mother in law, Teresa. That is also an extra as I want that she will be proud and support me in this adventure! 😉

And this was exactly what I needed. Why buy a new one, if I have one already ready to go? According to the guy that sold me some of the equipment to improve the Fly (more on this later), “If you have the intention of travel far on a scooter, than you should consider to replace it for a 125cc, at least!”. He gave me this advice with a big yellow smile on his face. I have the intention to find out what the yellow smile was all about.

You have to know that I’m not a motorcycle guy. Don’t have leather jackets, and I don’t know how to drive a proper geared motorcycle. I don’t even have a driver license for motorcycles. So, with a 50cc with automatic gearbox, I can solve two problems with one solution. Don’t need a driver license and one can drive the scooter like a bicycle.

By the way, bicycle was my first choice, but it’s too slow (even slower than my Fly, can you believe?!) and I’m no longer a young boy (please read lazy instead) to go south on a bicycle.

Next questions:
Is this scooter able to perform as needed and give me has little problems as possible? It’s a Piaggio, shouldn’t give me a lot of problems. I hope. I have to make some kilometers just to be sure it doesn’t have any production defect.
Also, the size is OK to have me and my bags on it. Here, only the engine is small. Well, this one I have to test.
And what about speed, is it too slow that when I’m going I will get so bored that will immediately return to the north? This one has also to be tested.

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