Should I stay or should I go?

Although was not my choice, I’ve found myself with spare time. This allowed me to do whatever I want, and why not, to fulfill goals that I had set up for me, at those times when age and free spirit allowed to build dreams.

The reason I found myself with such spare time it’s another story that, maybe, I will tell someday. Here is not the place nor the time. Nevertheless, the important was that I had free time and money to allow me to decide to take five, not minutes, but months. This, I hope, will allow me to rest my swelled head full of unimportant problems, recover of nights without sleep, and detox of a long and unhealthy list of down and up pills. But the most important achievement will be to recover my love for living and do the stuffs that we supposed to do to enjoy life.

I always said that one day I would like to follow the swallows at the end of the summer, go south and be warm all year around. Cold, rain and dark days are not my thing. This is not exactly the case here, maybe because unfortunately I will not do it each every year. But at least this year I’m thinking about going south, just south, until I feel I don’t want to go further. South from Portugal means going to Morocco, the nearest and quicker way for someone coming from Portugal to go south, and then more south, and then just stop when I’m full of it.

Should I go and fulfill this dream I have? Or should I stay and loose me again?

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