Ant贸nio testing the Fly

I tested the configuration: The Fly, the lugage and me.

I prepared the Fly with all the lugage needed during the real trip and went to my second home in the middle of the country. As you can see average speed around 30km/h (18.5mph) but for 5h50m wich mean I stoped a lot. Maximum speed 57.4km/h (35mph)! Probably I lost my mind during the way to achieve such high speeds! 馃槸

Here you can see the configuration:

Bellow the GPS record, when I went from Setubal to Avis:


And when I returned to Setubal some days later. I started the GPS already on the way (normal distance is 140Km/87Miles). Average speed increased to 35Km/h (21 mph).


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